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How can motivational energy become extreme?

A motivational person has a desire to link their energy with other people in order to reach a goal. They are teachers and are usually the ones that inspire those around them because they want to see people succeed. They can be heard saying things like, “Let’s do this!” or “You got this!” Motivated people often have the ability to talk to anybody and exchange energy easily.

Being motivational is a balanced orange ray of light energy. As light fades into dark, it becomes extreme and in this case becomes intrusive at one extreme and deceitful on the other.

Intrusive people are the ones that cannot get a hint. They may be seen as friendly but they push their way into relationships and do not respect boundaries.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the person who pushes their unsolicited opinion on others. They can be the parent that forces their child into unwanted activities. They can also be the friend who forces another to make choices that they insist upon.

In the darker extremes, intrusive people can be the ones to force themselves into the lives of others. They can be the partner that someone tries to break up with but won’t let them go. They say things like, “If you’re not mine then nobody can have you!”

Deceitful people are usually scammers. They want acknowledgment so badly that they would lie and manipulate in order to get it. They have an overwhelming desire for money and recognition in order to be admired. As such they will do anything to get that power.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the fake psychic who is not actually blessed with the ability to predict the future. In this role they may convince others they are a real psychic so they can take their money and give them small general tidbits of information, while leaving them on a cliffhanger so they will return.

In the darker extremes, they can be the person that a someone meets who lures them back to their place. Upon arriving, they may try to mug their date and steal their money.

Most youngsters
love the playground,
endless fun
is always found

Teach a child
to use their wings,
they can fly
using a swing.

Let them know
that you are there,
If pushed hard
they may feel scared.

Show them how
their legs should sway,
with words you say

Coach with trust,
and never tricks,
or your bond
will be at risk.

– Mytika

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