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Characters and Traits

What are traits and mannerisms?

Traits are your beauty mark. They are the unique parts of you, that are seen by others through your feeling-induced gestures, behaviors, or physical attributes. Traits are subconscious and are usually inherited. For instance, if you have a daughter that hums to herself, that trait may remind you of your grandmother who also used to hum to herself.

Mannerisms go along with the creation of your character and are imitations. If you see someone that you want to be like, you may subconsciously choose to imitate some of their gestures and behaviors. For example, children usually pickup many of their mannerisms from their guardians.

Unlike traits, mannerisms can always be changed with a conscious decision.

Misunderstanding my words

They study my gestures

My mannerisms, the silent voice of my soul

Anxious inside, my hands ice cold

My peaceful smile and worried eyes

I hide the fears I hold inside

So scared they see the scar I keep

That scar is my trait

Unique to me

– Mytika

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