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How is a character created?

Your character is custom created by you. You decide how you would like to portray yourself from a wide variety of sources such as social expectations, family obligations, entertainment, etc.

For example, while growing up, Chris always enjoyed watching movies starring Bruce Willis. Over time, he starts talking like Bruce Willis and mimics the action star’s mannerisms and clothing style. Chris is consciously forming his character to be like someone he admires. When people talk to Chris, he even responds how he thinks Bruce Willis would respond. One day, Chris develops an admiration for comedian Dane Cook after he overhears some girls talking about how they would want to date someone as funny. Subconsciously, Chris starts changing his character to be a funny version of Bruce Willis. A couple of years later at a family dinner, Chris listens to his father tell stories about how he admired his friend who was a well-traveled man. Eager for his father’s approval, Chris decides to start planning adventure trips overseas to different countries. His character will go through many more changes as it evolves based on his influences.

I think most characters are subconsciously created by things we admire. It is very much like shopping, you see something you like and pick it up. I find that when people surround themselves with others that have favorable qualities, these qualities rub off. This may not happen intentionally but if we want it to, we now have a way of intentionally influencing our character.

– Mytika

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