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How do I find hope when I’m feeling hopeless?

Whatever a person feels, is communicated to the universe, which then responds by giving them a physical explanation. When a person is feeling hopeless, they subconsciously manifest more reasons to feel hopeless for their future. Switching from a hopeless mindset to a hopeful one can be difficult, but it can be done.

Find the miracles that have already occurred

The first step is to look inward and see the miracles that have already occurred in your past. This is an important step because you are working on convincing yourself that the world is not a hopeless place. If you are in a state where it’s difficult to see those miracles, perhaps you can look at the factors that come together to make life possible. For example, every individual was born because, by some miracle, their parents met each other in a world with billions of people and connected. Even the air that you breathe is precisely created by nature.

Try to go through the miracles that specifically happened to you as well. For example, If you feel hope is lost because you fell in love with someone and they are no longer a part of your life, realize that it was a miracle that you met them and connected with them in the first place. Every time you recognize a miracle, you are giving yourself a little more hope that things can get better. This unlocks doors for more miracles to come into your reality.

Face the issue that made you lose hope

The second step is to look at the issue that made you lose hope. Your goal is to make light of it. One way to do this is to step outside of yourself. Imagine you are watching a television show with the same events and characters from your life. Try to hear the sound of the invisible audience in the background when things occur. If someone bumps their toe and starts cursing, you can hear the audience laugh. If someone breaks up with their partner, you can hear an “Awwww…” from the audience. If someone meets a person that they are interested in, you can hear an “Oooooh…” from the audience. Imagine your character experiencing the things that you are currently living. From a third person perspective, it’s much easier to think of ways that your character on the show can solve their problems. Try to imagine that they get exactly what they need to resolve their issue. By doing this, you are seeing possibilities for how your own issues can be resolved in real life, and generating the feeling of hope in the process.

Find things that you want

Think of things that you want in your life. Some people would say, “I don’t want anything.” If that’s you, then give yourself a round of applause. You should be happy. Not many people can truly say that they don’t want anything. Wanting things is a great way to create hope for getting them. Imagine what it will look like, and how you will feel, when you actually obtain your desires.

Accept that sad days are sometimes necessary

When people get sad, sometimes they just need to take a break from life and embrace that sadness. Some people push it away and that can work temporarily. Sometimes the only way to reach happiness is to let the sad days happen. Curl up in bed, go under the sheets, and take some time to feel bad for yourself. If you feel the urge to cry, go right ahead. Sadness tends to leave once it’s been allowed to be truly expressed and thereby purge itself. Those tears you may shed can be seen as negative energy leaving your body.

Walk the walk and fight for hope

In your life, you have faced many challenges. Some of these challenges have probably felt like your world was crumbling. The numerous ones that you have overcome to be here at this moment are but a distant memory. Your issues are just hurdles that you will climb over and overcome.

Put on some positive music. Look into things that you haven’t looked into before and discover things that you want to try. Get yourself things to strive for. You have to step out of your box by getting out of your own head for a little bit. Come to the realization that if you are feeling hopeless over one situation, you are putting too much emphasis on that one situation. All of your energy is going into it. If this is happening, step back from that situation for a bit. The less you focus on it, the smaller the problem becomes. When you are not dragged down by thinking about it, you can focus on it again but only for the purpose of resolving it, or laughing at it.

A tiny light
inside of me
has lost it’s shine,
nothing to see.

As it burns low,
my hope runs slow,
I miss the glow,
and how it flowed.

Ignite with faith
to grow my aim,
miracles come
producing flames.

Fires run high,
wishes now fly,
I feel alive,
and purified.

My hopes and dreams
now come to be,
as I believe
and they conceive.

– Mytika


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