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How can keys be acquired?

Keys can be acquired by overcoming lessons.

Most people see challenging experiences as problems, instead of lessons. This can easily perpetuate the belief that life is just out to get them.

By seeing problems as lessons, positive outcomes can be created. By recognizing the lesson, and finding the answer, you acquire a key. If the same type of lesson reoccurs, you already have the key to quickly resolve the situation. Eventually, those situations stop happening because the lesson is no longer needed.

For example, Oliver and Charlotte are a young couple who find themselves in debt and are devastated by their financial woes. They notice that as their cash flow increases, so do their debts. This brings them feelings of stress, loss of appetite, and insomnia. Charlotte suggests that they try to figure out why they are going through this situation. Through honest discussion they pinpoint that Oliver was worried that their new vehicle that they purchased a few months back would hurt them financially. Charlotte convinces him that the cost was actually offset by their decision to cease some entertainment streaming services. Oliver feels better and decides to let go of his concern and decides to express any future concerns, as they are happening, with Charlotte. With the lesson now completed, the couple receive an unexpected bonus check the next day from Oliver’s job.

When the couple acknowledged their situation as a lesson, they were able to pinpoint the cause and resolve it. This diminished the feeling of physical and emotional discomfort. The positive outcome led to acquiring a key which allows them to easily unlock solutions for any future similar situations.

A key flew in from up above.
Came in as a prize
of giving control.
Accepting with pride
extending my hand
it gave me a knowledge
I now understand

– Mytika

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