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What is wrong with seeking Extreme Spiritual?

When seeking any extreme, including Extreme Spiritual, people have a tendency to become unbalanced. Anything that strays too far from their center point is losing connection with Source. As you move further from balanced Source energy, the only way for energy to remain neutral is for it to balance with its opposite.

In the illustration below, you can see how energy (Acceptance) becomes more and more extreme (Obsession) as it moves away from being balanced. A healthy balance can still remain if counterbalanced with the opposite energy.

Extreme energy searches for a way to become less extreme. A common approach is for it to find and mingle with lower energy. By doing this, extreme energy calms down a bit and becomes more stable. Meanwhile, the lower energy finds itself becoming a little more extreme.

I once had a friend who admired me

She laughed when I laughed

Cried if I cried

Admired me so much she copied me

She wore what I wore

Talked how I talk

Copied me so much she envied me

She had what I had

Wished what I wished

Envied me so much she disliked me

She sneered at my sneers

Screamed at my screams

Disliked me so much she lost me

– Mytika

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