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What is Extreme Spiritual?

Extreme Spiritual is the counterpart to Extreme Ego.

When you think of Extreme Spiritual, it may be difficult to imagine someone being overly spiritual. All extremes are unbalanced energy and exist at the farthest points from Source. 

For example, Percy is in high school and starts having feelings for Helena. Ever since they were paired up as science lab partners at school, he’s grown fonder of her and they talk almost daily when in class. Helena is also interested in Percy and admires the way his mind works. He makes her laugh and she finds herself looking forward to science class. A mutual love begins to develop between the two. Percy finds that he’s thinking about Helena all day. He starts looking at her social media accounts to find out more about her. At school, he keeps an eye on her to see who she’s talking to. One day, he sees her talking to Allen and gets enraged that she’s sharing her attention with someone else. Percy starts having a difficult time sleeping because he’s picturing Helena and Allen kissing. As Percy’s love starts changing towards obsession, Helena starts sensing that something’s different with him. The more obsessive Percy becomes, the more Helena withdraws from him. Percy may not even be aware that he’s becoming obsessive but extreme energy often works that way.

In the illustration below, you can see how Love (Spiritual energy) can turn into Obsession (Extreme Spiritual energy) as it gets farther from balanced energy.

When love grows into obsession

It intensifies your perception

Keeping your mind encaged

You start behaving a bit strange

As your emotions slip into negative

Your convinced it is attentiveness

What you feel everyday

May drive others away

– Mytika

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