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How can karma / karmic debts be prevented?

When you feel that something is wrong and you do it anyway, you are likely to feel guilty. By feeling guilty, you subconsciously feel that you need to pay for your decisions. Living life in a guilt-free way prevents karma.

Past karma and karmic debts can be resolved by letting guilt go. This can be accomplished by first removing the responsibility from your True Self. You can do this by realizing that decisions you have made were done by your character exercising its free will, and not by your soul.

Next, realize that every decision that your character has made is the best one you were capable of making at that time. If you felt bad while making the decision and ignored it, you were not in a place to let your feelings guide you yet. By feeling guilty, perhaps you can re-evaluate how you would handle similar situations going forward as the new evolved person you are. Acknowledge the lesson and how it has changed you.

For example, Michelle was asked to join Liza (one of the popular girls) for some after school shopping at the mall. Excitedly, she accepted and was having a great time until Liza decided to shoplift a lipstick. Liza then turned to Michelle and asked her to steal an eyeliner for her. Michelle’s True Self attempted to warn her by giving her a sinking feeling in her stomach. Her character was determined to be accepted by Liza and decided to ignore the warnings by taking the eyeliner. While walking out the door, they were met by mall security and Michelle’s parents were brought in. The lecture from her parents on the ride home was bad but the guilt was even worse. The next day Michelle noticed that her makeup bag was stolen from her locker. Michelle may have made a mistake this time but, after reflection, next time she might just listen to her gut and walk away guilt-free. Every moment is an opportunity to do better.

People believe that it is wise to forgive others and to live without resentment yet many do not consider the importance of forgiving themselves. With inner peace comes outer comfort.

– Mytika

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