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Is life a giant lesson?

Life is not a giant lesson but it is made up of lessons.

When going through lessons, people get physically grounded. This keeps them alive in the physical in order to overcome those lessons. As such, people subconsciously manifest situations that require lessons in order to physically exist.

Lessons lead you into dimensions where you feel you would be happy in. These dimensions can be either positive, negative or some combination.

The illustration below shows the action of a lesson being directed onto the 3D (3rd dimension) where the decision is made towards either a positive outcome (2D) or a negative outcome (4D). The negative and positive outcomes lead to either side of the balance. Fused energy can be imagined as a blinding beam of light that has a magnetic pull. It attracts both positive and negative towards it. Both positive and negative energies arrive at the same point by different means.

Life can be seen as a series of choices
with each choice comes a lesson
Lessons bring with them a series of options
each option we pick leaves knowledge behind
This knowledge has a purpose as well
it opens your heart and strengthens your mind

– Mytika

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