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What is a twist of fate?

Twists of fate are final lessons that occur when someone repeatedly fails a lesson. They are introduced to force a resolution to issues that have been avoided. People tend to feel blindsided by them because of their magnitude.

Once a person has overcome the issue, they feel a substantial growth and connection with their True Self. Lessons can be seen as tests while twists of fate can be seen as final exams.

For example, Issac is a CTO at a software development company. Whenever he sees Cooper, a programmer at the company, he picks on him. Issac knows that Cooper can’t say anything back because Issac’s his boss. One day the President of the company calls Issac to his office. He starts making fun of how bad Issac is at managing his people. Later that evening, Issac complains about his day to his wife and kids. The next day, Issac sees Cooper and makes a spectacle of insulting his choice of shoes. A week later, Issac is called into the CEO’s office where he’s made fun of for his choice of button design in the company’s new software. Not seeing the reason for being picked on, later that day Issac continues to belittle Cooper. Eventually, feeling unhappy with his work conditions, Cooper quits. At this point, a twist of fate occurs. A few weeks pass and Issac gets fired. There’s only one other company nearby that works on the type of software that Issac is familiar with. He applies and gets hired but reports directly to Cooper who has been working at the new company and is now Issac’s boss.

The following outcomes could be the result of this twist of fate:

1. If Cooper treats Issac positively, this can cause Issac to reflect on how he treated Cooper when he was his boss. This can serve to level Issac’s Ego.

2. If Cooper treats Issac negatively, this can cause Issac to never reflect on how he treated Cooper before. Issac could then create excuses for his own prior behavior. Issac’s Ego can then be elevated if he determines that he never behaved as negative as Issac is now.

My life has changed so drastically
A rug was pulled under my feet
It all arrived so suddenly
Unannounced and abruptly
With no idea of why or how
My world was turned upside down
Recognizing it as a twist of fate
Always on time, never too late

– Mytika

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