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What role does doubt play into a twist of fate?

Doubt is the creator of twists of fate.

Once lessons are repeatedly failed, people begin to doubt their capability of finding answers to these lessons. This doubt allows a twist of fate to take place.

For example, Victor is 23 years old and comes from a powerful political family. For as long as he could remember, his family has always held political positions and fully expect him to do the same someday. Victor doesn’t feel like this is the right path for him but he believes that he can’t speak up without risking losing his family. He would really rather have a regular job, maybe running a website, which will allow him more time to have fun with his friends. Whenever his family gather, the relatives always come up to Victor and ask him about his political aspirations. This makes him feel uncomfortable but he always bites his tongue and tells them what they want to hear. Victor doubts that he’ll ever be able to stand up for himself. This initiates a twist of fate. One day, Victor is attending a family dinner at their country club, when his grandfather walks up to him. His grandfather used to be a very important Senator who is still respected by everyone. He sits down with Victor and asks him what he wants to do in life while staring him straight in the eyes. Victor recites his normal life plan for entering into politics. His grandfather laughs and tells him a story about how he was pushed into politics. Victor is completely taken back. His grandfather explains that he felt like he had no choice and his real passion, believe it or not, would have been to be a professional water skier. Victor’s mother hears him and his grandfather laughing and decides to join them. Before you know it, the whole family is laughing and Victor decides to announce that he really wants to run a website dedicated to helping people find jobs. To his surprise, some of his family members are immediately supportive. Some of the others will take a little longer to adapt but Victor is on his way to living life on his terms, while passing the lesson of being able to speak up for himself.

Never a victim of circumstance

Never given a second chance

Presented with divine intervention

My life was swayed in a different direction

Twist of fates could explains what was going on

As a new life begins and the old one is gone

– Mytika

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