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What role do distractions play in society?

Distractions are used as a way to fit into society and as a form of derailment.

Distractions derail people by hindering them from connecting with their True Self. This lack of connection prevents them from acknowledging their own true energy, which then leads to feelings of insecurity.

Having insecurity, many people start so see society as being superior. They then choose to distract themselves by doing things for the purpose of fitting into society.

For example, Paulo works at an insurance company. He doesn’t socialize much with his co-workers and he leaves promptly at the end of the day. When he gets home, he usually likes to sit on his deck and listen to birds chirp. He finds that this allows him to relax and unwind from his busy day. One night, Paulo’s brother Francisco calls him and they catch up on the latest news. At one point, Francisco mentions that he goes out because he can’t be a hermit like Paulo. The comment gets under Paulo’s skin and the next day he decides that he’s going to bond with his co-workers and ignite his social life. He walks by the water cooler and discovers that most of his co-workers are talking about the latest celebrity gossip or what television shows they watched. Hearing them laughing, Paulo decides that he’s going to join them but first he has to get caught up on gossip and watch the same shows. Staying current requires consistency and this new routine eventually becomes Paulo’s new habit. It might take years before he fondly remembers the serenity he used to feel listening to birds on his porch.

Having common grounds with people make interactions easier and are often respected by society. The rules of society can at times foster shallow connections between people. Those that choose to not be lead by society, can find themselves fulfilled by the genuine connections they have. This may come in the form of people who willingly gravitate towards them.

On my way to find myself
finding friends along the way
all with plans for a good time
asking me if I can stay

Hesitantly I nod my head
going off with them to play
Knowing I must meet True Self
aiming for another day

Guilt has grasped me and I hope
my intention does not sway
Fun right now is not profound
just another yesterday

All distractions on my path
try to lead my goals astray
Time to say goodbye my friends
since myself I won’t betray

– Mytika

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