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Does Extreme Ego cause disagreements?

Understanding and empathizing with one another allows people to elevate. This moves them further away from Extreme Ego. To prevent this, Extreme Ego blocks empathy during the beginning stages of a disagreement.

When a disagreement begins, Extreme Ego induces pride. This ensures that the people involved rarely back down from their own viewpoint. Once that’s been established, the disagreement moves in a downward spiral as it transitions from argument into fights and possibly even wars.

Extreme Ego promotes separation, and at times comes in the form of Extreme Spiritual. An example can be seen when there’s a lack of empathy between different religious groups, which can eventually lead to disagreements and wars.

I often find myself laughing at my actions after I cool down from an argument. It’s funny how seriously my Ego can take things during a dispute and how silly it can be seen after a bit of time. This isn’t always the case though, sometimes the thought of my exchange lingers and brings back that Extreme Ego. It makes me feel upset all over again and brings me into other troublesome situations. Keeping myself in the present and letting go of old negative memories seems like the perfect defense against Extremes.

– Mytika

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