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Ego and The Physical

How would Ego expect people to treat each other?

Your Ego would like to be treated with respect and acceptance. As such, it would expect you to treat others the same way.

One of the ingenious tactics that Ego uses as a lesson is to have other people reflect for you. This type of lesson is meant to provide you with insights into your own life by seeing a similar situation involving others.

For example, Rosana has a problem with her friend Parisa choosing a different political party to support. This makes her get angry with Parisa and she shouts at her about how horrible it is to have such a stupid friend. Later that day, her husband Tadeo returns home and they sit down to discuss where to send their child to school next year. She states that private school is better than public school but Tadeo disagrees and starts a heated argument with her about why she’s wrong. Tadeo even makes a comment about how he may have made a mistake being in a relationship with her. Rosana’s Ego brought about this situation in hopes that she’ll recognize the importance of respecting the belief of others by having her own beliefs questioned and disrespected by someone she cares about.

Thanks to reflections, people that enjoy gossip, eventually become the center point of gossip. Those that manipulate, eventually will be outwitted.

If you choose to truly treat others with respect and acceptance, the same is reflected back to you. This gives your Ego what it truly craves.

– Mytika

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