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How does Extreme Ego attempt to latch on?

Extreme Ego attempts to latch onto people by using reflections to target sensitive areas of their life (loved ones, profession, insecurities, etc…).

When you have a subconscious fear of something, a reflection may occur. This is what happens when you see your personal fear in the actions of another person. This is done so that you can hopefully recognize your issue by seeing it outside of you. Unfortunately, people are usually too distracted to notice reflections which makes it difficult for them to learn the lesson. When this occurs, many end up forming judgments on the people who are reflecting for them.

For example, Lisa wakes up and walks to her bathroom. When she looks in the mirror, she thinks she looks bloated and starts feeling insecure about her appearance. Later that evening, Lisa goes to a gallery opening with her boyfriend Mark. While talking to some people, she looks over and sees Mark flirting with one of the artists. This makes her feel furious inside. When she gets in the car with Mark, Lisa starts accusing Mark of trying to cheat on her. Mark insists that he was just asking the artist about what she was trying to convey in her work. Lisa, getting more upset, doesn’t realize that Extreme Ego made her perceive Mark as flirting to reflect her insecurity back to her.

People are both victims and perpetrators of this; the root of all judgment.

Extreme Ego can be quite cruel. When it enters my mind with insecurities and self judgments, I find that I have to quickly identify it to prevent it from growing. This is a very difficult task for me since my own Ego tries to prevent me from looking within as it prefers to lash out. What works for me is actually looking outside of myself and imagining that someone I love is feeling the way I am currently feeling. What would I say to them? How could I make them feel better? Once I have my advise set for my loved one, I use it on myself. This process has made me realize that I can be harder on myself than I am on others and that I need to love and accept myself as much as I love those that are dear to me.

– Mytika

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