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What is the best diet?

Whatever tastes good and feels good is the best diet. If something tastes good but it makes you feel guilty or bad, then it’s not a good diet. If you are feeling guilty while eating, then it will be bad for you because you will subconsciously manifest a consequence.

What should you eat? This is specific to the individual. Some people feel bad every time they eat pizza. Others don’t. If you workout, you may feel that you deserve an indulgent meal. If you don’t workout, you might feel guilty. You may not workout nor feel guilty when you eat. In this case, you’d probably say you were lucky to have a fast metabolism.

Growing up, you may have been taught that certain foods are harmful for you. This may cause you to feel bad while having these foods. While we all have similarities, our upbringing plays a large part in what constitutes food guilt. Some people feel okay while they are eating but then feel guilty if they over eat for the taste. Some people eat everything on their plate because they were taught to not waste food.

Get in touch with your internal feelings because the best diet for you is determined by learning to listen to how you feel. This helps you stop at the moment you feel guilt creeping in.

As a teen I was too skinny
needed mass to make me pretty

Soon I grew to my surprise
my weight had gained before my eyes

I felt attacked

by what I lacked
to be perfect

was just an act

All that I left,

I wished I had
so insecure

feeling so sad

I took a breath,

slowly exhaled
to feel no guilt

and just prevail

My battle is

a time now past
As love in me

will always last

– Mytika

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