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How can people resist extremes?

You can resist extremes by finding your center point and determining your individual happiness.

Happiness is determined by individual perceptions. Allowing other energies to influence your happiness leads to the feeling of a void inside. This creates an imbalance. By connecting with True Self and always being aware of your true happiness, you can avoid extremes.

For example, Ally is 16 years old and loves hanging out with her friends. When her sophomore year at high school begins, she makes friends with Ava a new girl from her math class. Ava invites Ally to a party that her cousin is throwing on Friday. When Ally arrives at the party, most of the people there are drinking alcohol and being flirtatious. For a lot of the people at the party, this is the norm. For Ally, her gut feeling is that these types of gatherings are very uncomfortable and feel extreme, so she chooses to leave.

If she were unaware of her true happiness, she may have easily stayed despite her discomfort. She may even keep going to these types of parties in an effort to fight her uncomfortable feeling. This could lead into situations that are extreme and harmful to her.

When in a large crowd
my light turns to dim

Like taking a cup
filling it to the rim

I do not feel
as if I am truly there

My mouth is now dry
I swallow my scare

A hear a strong voice
shout into my head

I better act now or
my light will be dead

I gather my thought
while scanning my brain

To unleash my light
and extinguish this pain

– Mytika

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