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What role do positive and negative energies have in manifestations?

Positive and negative energies guide manifestations.

Negative Energy
Fear, worry, and anxiety pull infused energy known as negative energy. Negative energy comes from the subconscious and this allows it to manifest quickly.

Positive Energy
Visualizing, knowing and trusting push defused positive energy. Positive energy requires a conscious knowing during manifestation. Focus is key in order to prevent distractions. Figuring out what to manifest requires knowing your true happiness and this can be difficult for those who are not connected to their True Self.

  1. As positive energy travels, it descends and increases in speed. This makes it defuse until the point of manifestation is reached.

    It is essential to remain focused on an intent during manifestation. Manifestations are usually felt through sparks of excitement which often wither into apathy. 

    If positive energy is held, negative energy such as apathy cannot exist. This clears the way for positive manifestations.  
  2. Negative energy travels upward in a slow and methodical way. This makes it infuse until the point of manifestation is reached.

    Due to its tar-like consistency, negative energy becomes a slow, yet expanding frequency while reaching the point of manifestation. This can usually be felt through doubts which expand into fears.

    Avoiding negative manifestation can be accomplished by pushing past doubts. This prevents fears and other negative thoughts from building into negative manifestations.

I first learned about conscious manifestation as a young child. I just didn’t have a name to for it. As a kid, I was a day dreamer and spent a lot of my time imagining events that hadn’t yet occurred. I still remember often drifting off during history class, since it was my least favorite subject. I would fabricate these elaborate stories that would somehow end up happening in real life. I soon earned a reputation as a liar, but not a typical liar. People actually realized that my lies turned into truths. Soon I had just about everyone asking me to lie about them. This included adults that I admired, the same adults that claimed lies were dishonest and bad. My childish response was so simple yet still applicable “It only happens if I believe the lie”.

– Mytika

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