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Twin Flames & Divine Love

What does divine love feel like?

What does divine love feel like?

Divine love can feel intense.

For many, it’s almost too good which causes them to feel unworthy. As a result, they may find themselves blocking or hiding from it.

Others choose to absorb these feelings and discover a love that comes from the sincerest point in the core of their heart. 

Love has no measurement, and once it is shared, it cannot be reclaimed. The fear of lost love should not exist, since love can never truly be lost.

With every breath that I take, I am tasting your essence,

with every thought that I have, I am feeling your presence.

You effortlessly fulfill my every need,

by making my comfort your greatest heed.

You must be a figment of my imagination,

I must have created you with my purest intention.

You must have invented me with your mind,

to be that divine love you will always find.

If you are ever alone don’t ever despair,

We are eternally connected, I will always be there.

– Mytika

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