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What are some exercises for twin flames that have just met?

There are many exercises that twin flames do with each other in order to balance and grow together. The specifics of these exercises may be given to them after reuniting. The following suggestions can be a good starting point.

Discuss Boundaries
Create boundaries and have boundary exercises where you can be honest with each other and talk about what you are looking for in the relationship. One may be interested in a romantic relationship while the other may be interested in a platonic relationship. While things can always change, it is a good idea to set expectations early on to make sure both are on the same page. When reuniting, it can be very easy to jump into each other’s lives and become instantly obsessed with each other. Setting boundaries can be a great step in proceeding in a balanced way.

Discuss Viewpoints
Talk about the things in life that you feel very strong about. This might include politics or religion or just about anything. Put yourselves out there in terms of who you are and what you are willing to change versus what you are adamant about. Really listen to each other and be understanding of the fact that people have different viewpoints based on the life they have individually lived. Do not try to change each other but have a discussion where you can help the other understand why you feel the way you do, while making an effort to understand them.

Discuss People
Talk about the people that are most important in your life. Set multiple tiers and decide who you would put in each tier. For example, you may put your family in Tier 1 if they are the people who are most important to you. You might choose to put your friends in Tier 2 and perhaps your neighbors in Tier 3. There is no right way to do this that is universal for everyone. The key is to decide who has priority. If two people called you for help, which would you help if you could only help only one? That person should be in a closer Tier (example Tier 1) versus the other who might be in a lower Tier (example Tier 2). This exercise can help each individually but also help their twin to understand the role that individual people play in their lives.

Discuss History
Talk about the major events that have happened to you in life. With some analysis you will probably find that your events coincide with each other. This can occur in the same or opposite ways. For example, when one was sick, they may have miraculously recovered while the other got sick. Alternatively, both may have been semi-sick at the same time. This is an example of twins subconsciously looking out for the other by swapping or balancing energy with themselves. Try to compare the timelines of these events and perhaps you will grow a much deeper understanding of why things occurred and see how you have always looked out for each other spiritually. Twins subconsciously design lives for each other so try to discover how your twin may have craved the life that you lived. For example, if your life was stable and you craved adventure, your twin may have had an adventurous life and craved stability. Try to avoid getting upset at your twin. Both of you created the other’s life based on what you wanted for yourself so the decision was made from a place of love. Going forward, you will have a better understanding of each other’s needs.

While doing these exercises, be honest. Say how you really feel about everything. If you want to feel divine love and the freedom that comes with 100% acceptance, you need to be 100% open. Try to remember that you are talking to your own soul when you talk to them so even your self-perceived flaws should be discussed honestly. While listening to them, be accepting and do not judge them for anything they feel. Every judgement that you hold on the other will either need to be addressed and fixed or you will end up paying for it in your own life. When someone says they would “never” do something, the universe sees this as a request for a lesson because they are telling the universe that they do not understand something. As such, the universe creates situations for the person to gain that understanding. Ultimately, you need complete understanding in order to return to oneness. All perceptions co-exist in oneness but any judgements are misunderstandings that result in a split; causing duality and preventing unification.

Baring my soul,
for the first time.

Taking your hand,
closing my eyes.

Spirits unite,
trust exercise.

Boundaries in place,
divine love can fly.

Open my mind,
expose every flaw.

One way of thinking,
does not dictate laws.

United focus,
a combined mission.

Working together,
sharing one vision.

– Mytika

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