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Twin Flames & Divine Love

Does everyone have a twin flame?

Anything that has a conscience, has a twin flame though it may not always be in physical form.

Twin flames rarely meet in person, since they are not often in the same dimension at the same time. The reason for this is that there can be many physical hindrances between them such as different locations, ages, cultures,etc… Their reunion is very precise and requires both to be in the right place in order to prevent them from repelling from each other as opposites.

From a spiritual perspective, twin flames often utilize a “divide and conquer” approach to soul progression knowing that they can cover more ground through opposite experiences for the purpose of becoming complete.

You are my sun and I am your moon your light shines on me from morning to noon.

As days go by from noon till night, I depend on the energy stored from your light.

When you’re away and I know you are not near, I still feel your presence though it’s not very clear.

I feel fortunate to know you are one breath away, I rely on your existence to get me through everyday.

– Mytika

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