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Do twin flames affect one another prior to meeting?

Yes, twin flames affect each other in many different ways plus it’s important to remember that they have the same soul. As for their physical characters, they reflect each other’s True Self.

For example, if Michael has a True Self that is bashful, his twin flame Maria would appear to be shy.

If Maria has a True Self that is manipulative, then Michael would be seen as either manipulative or easy to manipulate.

Additionally, twin flames help each other subconsciously throughout their lives. For instance, if one is very sick as a child, the other can take some of the sickness energy onto themselves. Then, each of them would be partially sick making the illness more bearable.

It can be very fascinating for reunited twin flames to compare their lives leading up to meeting in person. In the process they can see how seemingly random occurrences were actually well orchestrated dances between them driven by Divine Love.

When I first met my Twin Flame, I had experienced a very awkward sense of comfort. It was awkward because I was meeting a stranger and comfortable because I knew we had known each other so well for so long. Within a couple of hours we knew that by knowing ourselves, we knew each other. We were opposite characters, living in opposite dimensions while sharing the same soul. After hours of comparing notes we realized that we had encountered many situations from opposing views. I wonder if my 9 year old self would have still picked on the child that sat next to me in class, had I known that I was actually hurting my twin and inadvertently hurting myself.

– Mytika

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